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 Strategic Projects 


The Prospects for Future Generations

By today it is clear that our present lifestyle is not sustainable – the size of resource-reserves, their respective rate of renewal and reproduction cannot keep pace with the current ever increasing production and consumption demands. This leads to the depletion of resources, the deterioration of ecosystem services, launching a series of fatal social and economic processes.

Referring to the economic, social and/or environmental crises is accounted almost a commonplace, with problems appearing in the media, public policy documents and lectures. However searching for solutions that take into account the interrelations of these features rarely takes place. Providing for the future generations’ right to a healthy environment is not only an issue of environmental law and environmental policy, but all of the fields that are affected and where the activities impact on the present and future state of the environment. Considering this the Future Generations Ombudsman (FGO) initiates research with projects that wish to review the problems and the probable chances on the systems’ level; we look for the potential solutions together with the stakeholders, the affected actors. We try to catalyse the searching for and implementing solutions that are sustainable in the long term too, by sharing the information and promoting the professional relations through dialogue. We strive to apply the results, utilising the information revealed in the course of investigating individual complaints and drafting legislation proposals as well.

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